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Community housing providers in NSW are required to be registered under  the Community Housing  Regulatory Code.  The Code is admininistered by the Registrar of Community Housing.

The Regulatory Code was introduced in 2009 (following amendments to the Housing Act in 2007  More info)  to replace the earlier administrative Performance Based Registration System. 
Community housing providers are registered as one of four (4) classes reflecting the size and complexity and risks of their business.

  • Growth provider: typically managing a large portfolio) and undertaking community housing development projects utilising private sector funds and investment. 
  • Housing provider: typically, organisations managing a large portfolio of properties and undertaking small scale projects to develop community housing. 
  • Housing manager: typically, organisations managing a small to medium sized portfolio focused on tenancy management. 
  • Small housing manager: typically, organisations managing a small portfolio of properties

 Most housing associations in NSW are registered as Class 1 or Class 2 providers.The Register of community housing providers is published by the Registrar

Of the organisations registered:

  • 190 were Class 4 community housing providers
  • 15 were Class 3 community housing providers
  • 19 were Class 2 community housing providers
  • 11 were Class 1 community housing providers

The dominant Class 4 organisation types are crisis accommodation and disability service providers. The dominant Class 1, 2 and 3 organisation types are housing providers and faith based providers.

There are eight performance areas:

  • Fairness and Resident Satisfaction
  • Sustainable Tenancies and Communities
  • Asset Management
  • Sound Governance
  • Standards of Probity
  • Protection of Government Investment
  • Efficient and competitive delivery of community housing projects
  • Development Projects

(More information http://www.rch.nsw.gov.au/Registration/)

National Regulation

Ministers have agreed to introduce common national regulation for community housing organisations. The proposed national regulatory system of community housing is open for consultation across the country. To read the regulatory impact statement consultation paper and other fact sheets, or to make an online submission, go to the national regulatory system’s website: www.nrsch.gov.au.

Aboriginal housing regulation

Recently the Community Housing Registrar has also taken on the function of assessing Aboriginal Community Housing providers under the new registration system (PARS) introduced by the Aboriginal Housing Office.

Information on PARS resources can be found here.

Support for providers undertaking registration

During the roll out of the mainstream community housing registration system, the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW ran an 18 month program of workshops to help class 3 & 4 providers to understand how to approach registration.

This also provided some key resources. These will also be relevant to Aboriginal providers seeking registration under PARS.  For further information on NSWFHA's support services for PARS please contact Adell Hyslop., (02) 9281 7144, or AdellH@communityhousing.org.au

View Registration Resources

What happens with the Registration process?

This is done by way of an on line assessment process. Firstly, providers will be scheduled for Registration and asked to complete a Request to Register form by the Office of the Registrar. This form asks providers to provide details of their operations. These details will form the basis of an initial assessment to identify which of the four classifications the provider will be registered under.
The assessment is a “self assessment “entered into a database and is validated through information or evidence gathering from your organisation.

  • To view the Office of Registrar’s website for more registration information go to- http://www.rch.nsw.gov.au/Home.htm
  • To call their hot line for your registration enquiries call 1800- 330-940

NOTE: Not all class types of providers are required to meet every requirement.



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