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Professional Networks

One of the Federation’s key roles is to help housing providers to develop and maintain and build  the quality of their services and the skills and capacities in organisations, by supporting networks of people involved in various aspects of  the business.

In this way, peers can learn from each other and share expertise, good practice and emerging issues.

To date we have supported networks in:

Asset Managers Network - The asset managers network is a sector based group which is designed to help asset managers share their experience and good practice in this rapidly developing and essential field. It is convened by two sector representatives with support from the Federation. For enquiries please contact the Federation at (02) 9281 7144 or Networks@communityhousing.org.au. Presentations from workshops: click here

Executive Officer Network - The Executive Officer Network is open to Executive Officers of community housing associations as an opportunity for regular networking and peer support. In 2009 a two day residential workshop was held at the Hunter Valley Gardens in September , facilitated by Bill Synnott . The workshop explored issues around managing change in the rapidly changing community housing environment. As a follow up to the residential, a scenario planning day was held , facilitated by Alastair Rylatt. Using scenario planning techniques, EOs were able to identify their priority issues for community housing and anticipate future scenarios and strategies to achieve them. This network is currently convened by the Federation  Networks@communityhousing.org.au. (02) 9281 7144.

Middle Management Network (MMN) - With the growth of the sector, a new tier of management is emerging. To date resources have been focused on front line services, CEOs and directors. The network starts to fill this gap. The Middle Management Network (MMN) is peer based and aims to meet the needs of the middle tier of managers in housing associations. The network acknowledges that there are particular challenges faced by middle management and provides an avenue for middle managers to meet, as they often do not have access to other networks and forums that CEOs attend. The network is a way for middle managers across the State, to get together with others to discuss issues, problem solve and support each other. It also aims to encourage members to identify their own training needs and for members to provide input into sector issues. For further information, please contact the Federation on (02) 9281 7144.

Small Housing Associations Meeting – this network brings together members from smaller and more isolated housing associations. The network is an avenue for members to provide support, problem-solve and share information. It was established at the end of 2006 and meets twice a year before each Housing Associations Meeting. For further information, please contact at the Federation on (02) 9281 7144.

The Supported Housing Seminar and Working Party - The Supported Housing Seminar focuses on good practice examples of current partnerships and tackles upcoming changes and future directions. The Supported Housing Working Party brings together workers from support agencies and community housing organisations to discuss challenges and to improve practice. Jointly run by the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation and the NSW Federation of Housing Associations, the Supported Housing Seminar and Working Party run twice a year for a full day. All workers who are involved in support partnerships are invited to attend. For further information, please contact Karin El-Monir at Bobby Goldsmith Foundation: karin.el-monir@bgf.org.au

Directors Network – Strong governance is priority for the development of the sector.  The network supports directors across the sector. Go to Directors Network page

Tenants Network – Tenant participation is a foundation of community housing.  The tenant network allows tenants to work with and learn from each other across the sector, and not just within one association. Go to Tenant Network page

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