The cultural competency standards are the result of a partnership between the sector, FACS, AHO and the Federation.  They are presented as a self-assessment process so providers can review their current practice and plan for improvement.

The standards include examples of good and leading practice, key principles, prompt questions for each standard and a self-assessment matrix designed to promote discussion and valid self-assessment.  The standards were developed by Origin Communications in collaboration with the sector.

How to use the standards:

Each standard has three broad steps:

      • Begin the conversation about Aboriginal cultural competency as it relates to the standard you are reviewing and your organisation using the Conversation starter page

      • Use the Self-assessment matrix for the standard you are reviewing to identify where your organisation is at now using the Self-assessment matrix

      • Use the Plan for change and continuous improvement using the Planner page

You can navigate to the different sections of the resource through the diagram below.  The document is available to download in high resolution and low resolution versions and an interactive version.

We recommend that each organisation conducts an initial self-assessment and then repeats the process on a regular basis to track progress and set priorities.

Download the standards

High Resolution

Low Resolution