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Tenant Network Committee

Action Planning Committee, 2014


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Community Housing Tenant Network

The aim of the Tenant Network is to provide a broader voice for tenant interests in community housing. The network is an opportunity to share experiences – what works, what can be improved in individual tenant associations.

The tenant Network is supported by The Federation of Housing Associations, and is open to tenant members of Community Housing providers.

There are 38 members of The NSW Federation of Housing Associations, and 71 affiliated members in NSW. Together, they maintain 32,000 properties, and accommodate 60,000 tenants.
Successful community housing providers pride themselves in their efforts to respond to their tenants' and community needs.
There are individual Tenants Advisory Groups (TAGs) working with -and for – the larger associations.  Different communities offer a variety of ways to participate.

Each organisation can send tenant delegates to the Tenant Network. All member and affiliate TAGs are invited to nominate tenant delegates to the network.

For their efforts to be most effective, tenants need a strong clear voice. Where there are common goals for community housing tenants, shared voices add value to community housing processes and messages.



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Aims of the Network are to:

  • Promote effective tenant participation in the community housing association sector.
  • Represent the interest of all NSW Community Housing association tenants.
  • Comment on and have input to the office of Community Housing and wider government policy matters.
  • Work toward the involvement of all community housing association tenants.
  • Become a tenant led network.
  • Break down isolation felt by individual tenants.
  • Share information about successful projects and learn from other tenants' experiences.
  • Encourage and support tenant leaders.
  • Promote educational and training opportunities to support tenant participation in the sector.

Constitution for the Tenant Network

Members agreed to adopt the Network’s new rules on 25th March 2013.  Please click here to read the rules.

Join the Tenant Network:
As a tenant in Community housing, your participation is important and valuable. If you are interested the activities of the Tenants' Network, please contact your Community Housing Tenant Network representative for information, or post the membership application form below.

Membership is free. Network members receive a free subscription to the regular network newsletter.

Simply fill in one of the following:
Tenant Network Membership Application form
Tenant Network Associate Application form

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